I'm next in line and my supply is running out
It's time to leave, the clouds are hanging low
The truth begins to show

Lover, hunter, friend and enemy
You will always be every one of these
Lover, hunter, friend and enemy
You will always be every one of these
Nothing's fair in love and war

In life, in love, this time I can't afford to lose
For one, for all, I'll do what I have to do
You can't understand, it's all part of the plan

Broken pieces of the night
Sing like hollow lullabies
You and I, always in disguises



Soldier keep on marchin' on
Head down til the work is done
Waiting on that mornin' sun
Soldier keep on marchin on

Head in the dust, feet in the fire
Labor on that midnight wire
Listenin' for that angel choir
You got nowhere to run

You wanna take a drink of that promise land
You gotta wipe the dirt off of your hands
Careful son you got dreamer's plans
But it gets hard to stand

Soldier keep on marchin' on
Head down til the work is done
Waiting on that mornin' sun
Soldier keep on marchin on

Quiet now you're gonna wake the beast
Hide your soul out of his reach
Shiver to that broken beat
Dark into the heat



Hiding out
Behind your darkest doubts
Don't give me the runaround
I've been on your side

You steal away
Gone before I say
I needed you to stay
Now I'm all alone

Hello hello
Can you hear me now?

Hello hello

Inside the looking glass
I see you looking back
Hollow as an empty track
But you're sinking like a stone



I hear the sound, echoes beneath
Angels and skylines meet
And I’m straining to reach the light on the surface
Light on the other side

I feel the pages turning
I see the candle burning down
Before my eyes, before my wild eyes
I feel you holding me
Tighter, I cannot see
When will we finally

Breathe, breathe, breathe
Breathe, breathe, breathe



Hands on the wheel
Eyes on the road
No looking back this time

Silver and gold
Don't wanna need silver and gold
No looking back, no looking back this time

Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down

Eyes like a shield
Bullets they hide
No looking back this time

Hand to the fold
Keeping your hands on the gold
No looking back, no looking back this time



Enter these gates
Fill your hands with the rain
Reaching up to the maze of light in the sky
Ageless as the sun, the long forgotten one

Gold in your eyes dancing like fire
Dreamer trapped by your desire

Turns you into stone, the light you stole
River turns to dust, miles on the run
Everywhere you go, can't find no home
All the world you roam turns you into stone

Long before the haze
Darker shadows reigned
Stairway to the sky, that timeless alibi



Out in the darkness
I saw an angel
Held back the flood
Until the sky fell

I see the future
Covered in roses
Waves of gold
As the door closes

     I can hear the sirens
     I can hear the sirens
     I can hear the sirens
     I can hear the sirens

After the fire
Drove out the sparrows
All of the clouds
Hang like gallows

Hey, are you listening?
I cannot reach you
I'm on the other side
Tryin' to break through


How can I say this without breaking?
How can I say this without taking over?
How can I put it down into words
When it's almost too much for my soul alone?

     I loved and I loved and I lost you
     I loved and I loved and I lost you
     I loved and I loved and I lost you
     And it hurts like hell
     Yeah, it hurts like hell

I don't want them to know the secrets
I don't want them to know the way I loved you
I don't think they'd understand it, no
I don't think they would accept me, no

Dreams fight with machines
Inside my head like adversaries
Come wrestle me free
Clean from the war

Your heart fits like a key
Into the lock on the wall
I turn it over, I turn it over
But I can't escape
I turn it over, I turn it over





Come away for the year
Dance with me in the rain
There are places to see
Chances to take

I'm paralyzed
Am I hypnotized?
'Cause I can't see straight at all tonight
And you're standing right here

Are you standing right here?





Power's in the picture
War is in the victor
Movement of the water
Writing on the wall

Where you're going I'm coming
Where we're headed don't know
But I release it all

All the lines that you've crossed
Your mind is jaded
Your love is faded
Your future's painted by the brushstrokes of your feet
Etchin' lines in pavement
Tryin' to make a statement
All you've got is payment comin' your way

Power's in the limelight
Victory's on the sidelines
Stranded on the shoreline
Anchors in the sand

Where you're headed I have to follow
Truth that I've gotta swallow
I'm tippin' over the edge

How could you see with the blinders on?
How could you know I was already gone?



There's a letter sealed and unopened for you
All the words that I can't seem to get out in person
I'm bad with that but you know that all too well

There's a moment set aside for you
But I'll probably neglect to reach out to you again
It's harder now and you're all I've got

Oh, caught in my own scheme
Oh, stuck in a bad dream

Where I keep calling you but there's no answer
Just a multitude of questions left to chance
And I don't know why you keep saying things will be alright
I know these storms will come, let it rain let it pour on me
You're my umbrella in a raging sea
I won't give in to the insanity, chasing all the stars

There's a silence staring me down
If I could see you I bet I'd break in half
But there's a disconnect, I can see it's tearing us apart

There's a promise I made that I can't keep
All my regret testifies that I am far from flawless, always reckless
Can I borrow your forgiveness?
I say I need some space but all we've got are

Oh, oceans between us
Oh, separating



Where did you come from?
Crash back into my world, it's been so long
We're here again in the moonlight
That night I'll never forget the way you moved
The way you left the room so sad
Like nothing ever turned out like you thought it would

Oh, we were young
And I'm still in love, I'm still a fool for you
Oh I caught your eye
Tell me you didn't try to compare me
To the girl in your mind

You walk toward me
My legs are frozen to the ground
I couldn't make a sound if I wanted to
But you, fearless as ever, always one to please the crowd
You flash a smile at me so sad
Like nothing ever turned out like you thought it should

What's the difference?
You never called, you never wrote
I left it alone but something's different
Something's exactly the same
The way your lips move, when you say my name so sad
Like nothing was as perfect as you wanted it to be

We were free, and I'm still waiting to see
If you'll come back around tonight
I caught your eye
Tell me you didn't try to compare me
To the girl in your mind
The girl you'll never find
The one you'll never find
Never as perfect as you wanted it to be



I'll be your summer girl by night
I love to watch the way the moonlight dances in your eyes
And I feel pretty when you stare across the room at me

I hear music in my head
But I swear it's not my own, it must belong to you instead
I think I see you when I dream, waiting there for me

Where, how, when?
Questions circle in my head
When will I be home again?
When will winter end?

Thought I'd lost you at the fork
Where the road became the forest and the night grew dark
I still see you in my dreams, fighting your way back to me



There's a ghost, she's wearin' my face
At parties being introduced with my name
Just a skeleton of bones, wearin' nothing but clothes
And she is paralyzing

The human soul is a treacherous place
Beneath the masks we wear a dark and twisted labyrinth lays
Secrets locked in closets closed
Never surface while we keep composed, come out of hiding

There's a sound, it's haunting my dreams
Like children laughing in the distance, and I don't know what it means
Am I afraid to be alone? 
That nobody will ever know this death I'm dying?

There's a heartbeat under my floorboards
Charging me guilty and I don't know what for
There's a black bird over my door
Singin' nevermore, nevermore, nevermore, nevermore



I never wanted you to be anyone but yourself
Never wanted you to sit untouched on the shelf
Never wanted you to lose your heart when you fell

Oh, my love
Your heart's a soft-skinned treasure
Oh, my love
The ocean's depths can't measure my love for you



Somewhere, high up in the air there
I had long forgotten, I belong to you
Some unconscious stream of twisted logic
Caught me in its whirlwind, left me black and blue

I was senseless, battered and defenseless
Rain became relentless, leaving barren skies
I was broken, all I left unspoken
Left me torn wide open, barely still alive

Found your letter, sealed away in storage
Under my pretenses, buried out of view
I recalled it, hidden in a notebook
Tattered, ruffled pages, old but good as new

I was listless, how could I have missed this?
If you are the groundswell, I'm tossed in your tide
I was certain if I'd seen it comin'
I'd have started runnin' back at the starting line

Well I faltered, left you at the altar
Offering my apologies and my gratitude
Now there's a sinking feeling in my chest
You're gonna love me less when I return to you

But you were never one to keep a record
One to hold against me all I failed to prove
I've been tethered, floating like a feather
Anxious in my roaming, stranded on the move





Fire in my bones quakes
Bending but it won't break
Staging a revolting
Quiet as it's jolting

Singular in motion
Fighting but I'm frozen
Shaking and it's shifting
Falling as I'm lifting

Air you breathe
Start to see

     A bright light tunnel
     And a blue kite floating at the end
     Summer melts into a snowscape
     Tell your heart to mend
     Wake me up and then speak, then speak

Power to protect me
Don't let it affect me
Spirals like a staircase
Racin' like a car chase

Pulses push the limit
Testing my resistance
Cameras that capture
Moments that enrapture

Don't let go, no
Just lie low

If it feels right, if it feels right
If it feels right it's probably wrong

Spinning out, spinning out of control
Take it back, give me something to hold



I'm wide-eyed and it's midnight
I can't sleep and it don't feel right
I'm caught in the shadows of your limelight
I'm wide-eyed and it's midnight
And all I see is you

     All the heads keep turning
     In my mind like parachutes
     My heart's still burning over you

Deep sleep battles underneath the moon
You never notice when I leave the room, do you?
I was curious so I had to tell you
I'm curious and I gotta tell you
That all I see is you



Sparks for the first time
Your eyes as pure as the night sky
Street signs and headlights
Stick in my mind's eye
As I take in this moment

My ship is capsized
I am tongue-tied
And all I know is

     Baby, I'm in love with you
     Baby, I'm in love with you
     It's crazy, I'm in love with you
     It's crazy, I'm in love with you

Secrets shared along the shoreline
These whispers have waited to be heard
By your ears (for so long)
The stars are showing off for us
I've waited only for you (I know it's true)



I was a black sheep wandering
You were an open wound
Falling from so much darkness
Into an empty room

Pictures that cut like daggers
From halfway across the globe
This time, you're the one across the ocean
While I'm here alone

     I wish that you could see
     Fragments of you and me
     Cut and pasted from dreaming unfurled
     I swear I'm still your girl

Hollow, the lingering cinematic
Silence that colors these walls
Time and space have conspired
To make us worthy to hold it all

Destiny falls
No second glance
You broke the pieces of my soul like particle board
It's a cheap romance
You sold me short
Before I had the chance
To be your bright light fading fast
Now the question stands
Will you save the last dance?

I think that we could be
Makers of history
Kids with a destiny in this world
I swear I'm still your girl
I swear I'm still yours



Hope, where have you gone?
I've been running far
'Cross ocean landscapes
Sailin' out past the coastguard

Hope, where are you now?
Just when I needed you
You left me for a crown
Left me for a jewel
Left me for a crowded room

     So I'll stare that big black horse in the mouth
     And tell him all I've wanted to say
     Show him the box of all my doubts
     Things hidden away...
     ...That I'm scared, and alone, and undone
     I am tearing apart at the seams

Feel my threadbare skin
Worn from winter wind
Weathered by the rain
And temporary moments
Leaving permanent stains

     ...I'm scared, and alone, and undone
     And terrified of what has become of me
     Of who has undone me

     Of what I'm becoming